It's only a month away; Are you ready?

Well here we are in the home stretch to the 2020 dove season opening day, one we've all looked forward to for way too long.  Plans are made with an outfitter or your own lease, your shooting buddies all gathered and excited, and accommodations booked.  The big question is whether or not you are ready to get the most out of this big couple of days.

I'm fortunate in the fact that I have a clay bird throwing and shooting field set up on my farm outside Victoria.  We had our first "Monday social shoot" last night, where several of us shoot a couple of boxes of shells at clay birds from all angles, and then retreat up to the farm house for dinner.  (Last night was wild hog pulled pork sliders with cilantro lime slaw and bacon/broccoli mac'n'cheese.  mmmmm good.)

The point is that you have a lot of time and emotion invested in the dove season opener, so when was the last time you pulled the trigger on your shotgun?  Last winter season?  Last September/October?  Well, like the old commercial said, "That's too long" (anyone remember that line; what was the product and question?)

I am a big believer in practice, whether it is golf, fly casting or most importantly to all of us right now -- handling our shotguns.  It will make your season opener much more enjoyable if your hit-to-miss ratio is better, won't it?  To do that, I suggest some time with your shotgun in the house, practicing mounting and swinging at imaginary targets.  A drill that I like is to mount your gun and swing along a junction of wall and ceiling to practice your swing.  You can move around the room to give yourself all possible angles.  That's a good "pre-practice".

But there's no substitute for popping rounds at real clay birds to get you ready.  So, if you want your dove season opener to be a good one . . . and avoid the frustration of too many misses . . . make your way to a shooting range and bust some clays.  

Come September 1, you'll be glad you did.





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