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About Us

Hello, my name is Terry Koehler, and I've been passionately shooting doves in South Texas for 60 years.  I was introduced to dove shooting as a child, tagging along with my Dad to fetch birds from the time I could run.  At age 7, I graduated to my Winchester Model 37 single barrel .410, then onto a Model 12 20-ga pump when I was big enough to handle it.  I’ve spent most of the past 60 years pursuing those little grey ghosts and currently alternate between my two Beretta 686 O/U's -- a 28 and a .410. 

While I love my guns, I have never been quite satisfied with the shell-and-bird-carrying part of the equation.  Vests are just too darn hot, and I've never found the belt-type rig comfortable or practical.  

So, in addition to my "main gig" of designing premium golf clubs [check them out HERE], I decided to turn that problem-solving creativity to something else I thoroughly enjoy.   

Our second-generation “Ultimate Bird Vest” is packed with features and value.  Over these six decades of shooting, I’ve gone through countless vests and belts, but never found one that really did it all.  “The Ultimate Bird Vest” incorporates the best of everything I’ve seen, plus some “bonus” features you won't find in any other vest or belt.

Dove shooting has its own set of gear & accessory challenges not found in other upland bird shooting, but we have many upland bird hunters that wouldn't trade their Ultimate Bird Vest for any other.  Please take a look at the features I’ve incorporated into this product and give it a try.