The Ultimate Bird Vest

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The Ultimate Bird Vest was designed to be the best bird hunting vest ever, and we back your purchase with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (see details below).  The Ultimate Bird Vest is loaded with thoughtful features and made with premium materials and top-quality fabrication methods to last you a lifetime.

  1. SIX-WAY ADJUSTABILITY. Adjustable shoulder straps PLUS horizontal adjustment at the front and both sides allows a perfect fit for any size shooter.  
  2. Suspender strap design and mesh back and game bag provide comfort in the searing heat of September.
  3. Shell pouches hold 2-3 boxes each and flaps can be attached outside for security, or inside for fast action.
  4. Spring-closure security pockets behind the shell pouches protect your valuables – phone, glasses, snacks, dog leash, first aid kit . . . whatever you need . . . even your morning coffee.
  5. Rear accessory pouch keeps your hulls away from the birds and off the ground. Two-way zipper allows easy loading from either side.  Of course, you could carry lunch, a jacket or anything else in this pocket, too.
  6. Water bottle holder accommodates up to 32 oz (for your dog) or two 12 oz cans in koozies(for you).  Located directly under the shoulder straps so you hardly know they are there.  Additional bottle holders available.
  7. Washable game bag makes after-the-hunt clean up a breeze.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We've designed and crafted the Ultimate Bird Vest to be of the highest quality, with outstanding features.  If you get it and disagree, just pack it back up and return it for a full refund.  If you do that, please include your packing list and a note telling what you didn't like about it.